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Monaco Grand Prix

No, that’s not a typo. It is possible to have a Formula 1 experience in Monaco without spending a fortune. I know, because I've done it. 


As soon as I knew I was moving to Paris I decided to see if there was any way I could see some Formula 1 in Monaco without breaking the bank. By planning in advance I was able to purchase round-trip 1st class train tickets from Paris to Nice for 80.00€ on the iDTGV. The cheapest tickets for this trip are 50€ in 2nd class.

Instead of booking a hotel, where prices can be inflated due to the race and the nearby Cannes Film Festival I decided to look for rooms available on Airbnb. I found a lovely room in house in the hills above Ventimiglia, Italy – a short distance from Monaco. I had a $50 credit at Airbnb so the total price of my room for 3 nights, including breakfast, was $60.00 (about 67.00€). But I would need a car to get there.

Breakfast overlooking the Mediterranean

Next I checked AutoEurope and surprisingly found a 3-day rental for $45.00 (about 50.00€). I choose to pick up and drop off the car at a city location to avoid paying the surcharge at an airport or train station location. I figured that I it was worth it to walk 15 minutes to save 40.00€.

After doing some research online I decided to wait until I was in Monaco to purchase tickets to see the Thursday practice, since there was little advantage to purchasing in advance. Ticket price 70.00€.

Sunset, looking towards Monaco


Here’s what I spent for my 3-night trip:


Round-trip train ticket from Paris         80.00€

Airbnb Room                                          67.00€

AutoEurope Car Rental                         50.00€

American Express Insurance for Car    23.00€

Tolls/Gas                                                  10.00€

Meals                                                       60.00€

Miscellaneous                                         50.00€

Trip Total                                              340.00€ 

My room with a view


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