A practical guide for visiting Paris without spending a fortune. 


Paris has no shortage of famous – and expensive hotels. And who doesn’t have a dream of the perfect Paris hotel with a balcony and a view of the Eiffel Tower? Sounds great, doesn’t it? Read more.


Paris is full of tasty food and you don’t need deep pockets in order to have a fantastic meal. By eating your main meal at lunch you can save a lot of money. Read more.

Things to do

You will never run out of of things to do in Paris and many of them are free. You can join a  walking tour or visit several museums. How about a stroll along the Seine at sunset? That’s free too. Read more.


Getting Around

Exploring Paris is easy and much of it can be seen on foot. But when your feet refuse to walk another step  it’s easy – and inexpensive to hop on the Metro or a city bus. Read more.